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A culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary.
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Citizen Dashboard

The Citizen Dashboard is an online tool that gives Calgarians easy access to information about City performance and how City services contribute to Calgary’s quality of life.

Available at Calgary.ca, the tool displays performance measures and data using interactive graphs, charts and maps making it easy to understand. A description is provided for each performance measure explaining why it is important, what the numbers mean and what actions The City is taking to improve performance.

The Citizen Dashboard is one example of The City’s commitment to accountability, transparency, innovation and continuous improvement.

Fair Entry

The City of Calgary is among the first Canadian municipalities to launch a program that streamlines the process for citizens applying for City subsidy programs. Fair Entry enables Calgarians with low income to apply only once for programs, for instance low-income transit passes or fee assistance for Recreation, through one application. Qualified citizens  now can choose a number of ways to submit their application, through mail-in, fax-in, drop boxes and in person at one of the two customer  front-facing service counters.

Fair Entry demonstrates The City of Calgary’s focus on citizens and customer service through a standard one application process for City subsidized programs. Fair Entry proactively informs those who apply for any subsidy program about other programs for which they may be eligible. This improves customer awareness and access to needed services. In addition Fair Entry has made important strides in preserving dignity through a respectful process that ensures the customer only need to tell their story once. This innovative approach represents the largest Canadian municipality to undertake this intentional integrated approach, including the largest number of subsidy programs that any municipality has offered under a single common application.

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Calgary Automated Survey Plan Evaluation and Reporting - CASPER

CASPER is an automated web service that reviews digital survey plans that are submitted to The City of Calgary. When a citizen uploads their survey plans, within minutes CASPER will automatically email a report to the submitter indicating whether these plans are error-free and ready for formal submission to The City, and provide a simple ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. If errors exist, the CASPER report will provide the submitter with a list of these critical and non-critical errors on their survey plans that need to be corrected prior to application submission.

CASPER showcases The City’s transparency to citizens by providing the results of the plan checking process to the citizens themselves. By showing these results, citizens can better understand why their digital survey plans are rejected and highlights what errors, if any, were present in these plans. This new web service also reduces time spent by City staff reviewing plans for completeness, instead allowing citizens the self-serve ability to pre-check the survey plan portion of their application prior to formal plan submission and possible rejection of the entire application. This highlights citizen orientation in the ability to reduce the rejection rate of survey plans submitted, speeding up the formal plan approval process for citizens. In addition, it is uncommon to have automated evaluation and reporting online services for municipal applications; CASPER is a one-of-a-kind product that shows innovation at its best.

CASPER, the Calgary Automated Survey Plan Evaluation and Reporting web service, is a product brought to you by the Infrastructure & Information Services (IIS) business unit at The City of Calgary. IIS’s vision is to provide real-time solutions that guide the future of a sustainable city - CASPER is a true reflection of this vision.

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Civic Census Online

The City of Calgary has conducted an annual door-to-door civic census since 1958 to gather essential data used by City departments in their short-term and long-term planning.

In 2015, The City expanded the census program to provide citizens with an online census option.  Residents who are unable to complete the census online are still able to complete the census with a door-to-door census taker or by calling Election & Information Services and providing information over the phone. The data that is collected for the civic census is not only essential for City planning, it is also provided in open data and used by external organizations such as public and separate school boards for enrolment predictions and decisions on future schools.

The census online is an example of Transforming Government because it is an innovative way to put citizens first by letting Calgarians provide census information at their own convenience.  It will reduce the number of households that require a door-to-door census taker in years to come and streamline the information collecting process, allowing citizens and staff to save both time and resources.

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Each year Corporate Billing generates thousands of invoices and maintains accounts receivable on behalf of City business units that deliver services to customers for various purposes, including urban development, building permits, business license, roads permits, waste and recycling, bylaw, fire services, etc.  Until recently, customers could only receive a hardcopy of their bills, which took days to deliver through Canada Post.

In 2014, Corporate Billing & Accounts Receivable generated almost 100,000 paper invoices that were mailed to customers. With a growing number of invoices issued each year for services delivered to external customers, it was time to transform the process to streamline billing, accounts receivable and collection activities, while improving overall customer service.

The new eBill Payment solution increases convenience by letting customers view and pay their bills online through a secured website – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

eBill is an example of how The City of Calgary is transforming government to improve customer service, while increasing corporate efficiency and reducing costs. It’s also an easy way for citizens to help reduce our environmental footprint by reducing paper usage and waste.

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A culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary.
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What is Transforming Government?

Government exists to serve citizens. Every day, citizens are touched by The City of Calgary and the services it offers. Transforming Government is a culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary — improvement that makes life better for all citizens.

In 2011, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and City Council unanimously agreed to embrace and reinforce this approach to constant improvement — Transforming Government is a way to do just that. So, when you see the Transforming Government stamp on something, you know it is part of something that makes Calgary even better.

A public work, an initiative, project, program or plan marked with Transforming Government reflects one or more of the following principles:

Transparency provides a clear view of exactly what’s going on “behind the scenes”, so citizens can understand why a project or service exists.

Accountability is the clear demonstration of how and why The City has done something, and that The City and Council accept responsibility for the decision, program or plan.

Civic Engagement is a commitment to bring together citizens, organizations, and City employees in the planning and development of our great city.

Innovation describes new ideas, services, or approaches that make living and working in Calgary even better.

Citizen Orientation ensures that a program, project or service is designed with customers or citizens in mind.

Sustainability describes long-term thinking that makes for a healthy community, environment, and economy, now and in the future.

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