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A culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary.
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Calgary Transit ticket vending machines

Ticket dispensers on CTrain platforms are a common-enough sight, but in mid-2011 Calgary Transit customers began to notice a lot of changes to the big grey boxes. Now, buying a ticket can be as easy as the swipe of a card or using the change in your pocket. Ticket vending machines along the CTrain line now accept debit and credit cards or provide the exact change back when you use coins.

Credit. Debit. Cash back: These are just the start of big changes for Transit customers paying at the platform for their fare. Keep an eye open in the summer of 2012 for the launch of the Calgary Transit Connect Card, which will let customers make simple electronic payments on trains and buses.

These changes are examples of Transforming Government because they directly improve citizen convenience as they bring innovation to our public transit system.

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A culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary.
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What is Transforming Government?

Government exists to serve citizens. Every day, citizens are touched by The City of Calgary and the services it offers. Transforming Government is a culture of constant improvement at The City of Calgary — improvement that makes life better for all citizens.

In 2011, Mayor Naheed Nenshi and City Council unanimously agreed to embrace and reinforce this approach to constant improvement — Transforming Government is a way to do just that. So, when you see the Transforming Government stamp on something, you know it is part of something that makes Calgary even better.

A public work, an initiative, project, program or plan marked with Transforming Government reflects one or more of the following principles:

Transparency provides a clear view of exactly what’s going on “behind the scenes”, so citizens can understand why a project or service exists.

Accountability is the clear demonstration of how and why The City has done something, and that The City and Council accept responsibility for the decision, program or plan.

Civic Engagement is a commitment to bring together citizens, organizations, and City employees in the planning and development of our great city.

Innovation describes new ideas, services, or approaches that make living and working in Calgary even better.

Citizen Orientation ensures that a program, project or service is designed with customers or citizens in mind.

Sustainability describes long-term thinking that makes for a healthy community, environment, and economy, now and in the future.

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